Jonah and the Big Fish

My Bible Stories, free for the iPad and iPhone, comes with Jonah and the Big Fish as a bonus gift for you.

Here’s where you can download My Bible Stories  into your iPad or iPhone.

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Just start the app and hand it over to the kids. They’d be too busy to harrass you.

This classic tale of the disobedient guy who got swallowed by a big fish is one of the bible stories kids of all ages love.

Jonah and the Big Fish

Jonah and the Big Fish

God said go.
Jonah said no.

Jonah was thrown into the sea.
God sent a fish to save him.

Jonah had 3 days and 3 nights in a fish’s belly to think things over.

Jonah obeyed God and preached to Nineveh.
The people turned from their evil ways and were saved.

That story comes to life beautifully in the interactive bible story for kids, Jonah and the Big Fish, with maps, fun facts and mazes to entertain the kids as they listen to Jonah’s tale.

God’s love and mercy comes vividly alive as the children play with Jonah and the Big fish when you download My Bible Stories into your iPad or iPhone.

Pssst… Here’s a lovely bonus for parents who spend most of their days at work :You can record your voice so that your kids hear you telling the story while they play with the interactive book.

Download Jonah and the Big Fish on your iPad or iPhone for the kids now! They will love it!  And so will you. :-)